Alessi Officina – Trick and Treat Tray Container Tissue Box

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Designed: 2012 Trick and Treat Tray Container Origin: Italy GCHA01 Tray/container in 18/10 stainless steel and melamine. ?Trick and Treat?, designed by Gary Chang (Edge Design Institute Ltd) is part of the ?(Un)Forbidden City? project, and it is not only a tray for the kitchen or for the tableware. In reality it can be a spice-holder for the table, a bottle-opener in the kitchen, a snack-holder in the living room, a vase in the study, a tissue-holder in the bathroom, or a tea-light candle-holder next to the bed. It follows you everywhere, and its functions change with your needs and desires. Its appearance and operation change with a mere rotating movement. Size: H 9.2 cm, L 25 cm, Depth 14.5 cm.

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