Alessi – Roost Double Egg Cup


Brand: Alessi

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Alessi – Roost Double Egg Cup

Designed: 2017

Origin: Italy

Roost egg cup comes from a childhood memory: early-morning egg gathering. The geometric and proportioned shape of the egg. A dual purpose object, just like the very structure of eggs. the sense of surprise and anticipation you feel when you open it are the inspiring concepts behind this double egg cup. Ideal for eating soft-boiled eggs alone or in company: once the two parts have been separated, they can contain two eggs or one egg and its top shell once you?ve cut it off. An object with a fascinating geometry just like the structure of the eggs the designer has taken inspiration from. Double egg cup in aluminium. Item code: AGO01

Size: H 4.5 cm, L4.5 cm, D 4.5 cm

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