Alessi – Stefano Giovannoni – “Mami” Bowl Set of 6


Brand: Alessi

Designed: 2003 Code: SG53/3 “Mami” completes the family with its lines that rediscover tradition and simplicity: this is the Alessi table set by Stefano Giovannoni, a designer who, with his unique mix of expressive talent, humour and finger on the public pulse, had such a profound influence on the 1990s. The acknowledged master of playfulness, a major new element in Giovannoni’s current poetry is certainly represented by the desire to move in a new direction that can be defined as a search for classicism, harmony and archetypicality, the whole being inflected (as only Giovannoni can) on the “maternal code”. Bowl in porcelain, white. Packaging: 6 pieces in a box Size: Dia 19 cm.

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