ArchitectMade FJ Essence Sugar Bowl


Designer: Finn Juhl

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ArchitectMade FJ Essence Sugar Bowl

ArchitectMade FJ Essence Sugar Bowl

Designed: 1952. Released: 2016

Origin: Denmark

Originally Finn Juhl designed FJ Essence in 1952 but it never went into production. Now, more than 60 years after, ARCHITECTMADE can finally invite you to enjoy a cup of tea with Finn Juhl.

FJ Essence illuminates the unique aesthetics of Finn Juhl.

The crisp white and hand glazed surface curvatures into those well-known organic shapes that have made Finn Juhl famous on an international level.

The lean design combined with the clear white porcelain will be suitable on any occasion.

Materials: Hand Glazed Porcelain

Size: L11 W10,5 H7,1 cm – 28 cl

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