ArchitectMade Owl Natural Oak Mini 1960

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ArchitectMade Owl Natural Oak Mini 1960

ArchitectMade Owl Natural Oak Mini 1960 – Paul Anker Hansen’s Owl has a mobile head that rotates to reveal new expressions. Be it wonder, contemplation or curiosity, the Owl echoes our own thoughts and offers a keen insight into what we perceive in every moment of every day.

Origin: Denmark

Traditionally, owls carry with them an air of wisdom and mysticism. Paul Anker Hansen’s interpretation from 1960 is no exception. The owl can embody a variety of emotions. The head is attached to the body by a magnet, which gives it flexibility to be tilted and rotated in all directions. The carefully crafted large brown eyes in wenge wood give a smooth touch and reflect a keen insight. Whether it is wonder, contemplation, or curiosity, the owl can be perceived to echo our own thought. The owl has been handcrafted by Paul Anker Hansen himself for years and is still made by hand at a small wood shop in Denmark in Danish oak wood. Paul Anker Hansen’s version of the magical, yet serene owl is rooted in his love for both animals and craftsmanship, making the owl a celebration of creativity and expression.

Handmade in oak natural

Size: H 8.5 cm

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