ArchitectMade Trepas Tealight Holders 6pcs 1966


Designer: Peter Karpf

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ArchitectMade Trepas Tealight Holders 6pcs 1966

ArchitectMade Trepas Tealight Holders 6pcs 1966

Designed: 1966

Origin: Denmark

Made of solid copper, brass and stainless steel, Trepas, designed by Peter Karpf in 1966, is a system of tea light holders.

Searching for the perfect vessel for this simple and universal candle, Karpf created a system of holders that can be positioned in countless ways. As the living flame within reflects off of the polished metals a ‘tinge of infinity’ is created as its reflections bounce between holders. Trepas is coated in such a way that the three solid metals never change color through oxidation or frequent handling.

No fingerprints or marks will appear and the product there fore needs no additional after-treatment or polishing. Trepas is available as either Trepas six, containing 2 times 3 tea light holders, or Trepas nine containing 3 time 3 tea light holders. 

Material: Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel

Size: H 31 cm, Dia 42 cm.

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