Arne Jacobsen Bankers Clock 21cm Large Black


Designer: Arne Jacobsen

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Arne Jacobsen Bankers Clock 21cm Large Black

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Clock 21cm Large Black – Minimalist and modernist in style, but also embodies symbolism and inventiveness.

Origin: Denmark

The stylish black Bankers Wall Clock by Arne Jacobsen Clocks is 21 cm in diameter. The design is classic, with a twist of creative little details, such as the elegant spiral that illustrates the progression of time around the clock. The Bankers clock was originally created for use in the National Bank of Denmark in 1971, but now everyone can enjoy the minimalist design in their own home. This beautiful, classic clock design will add plenty of character to your home interior. A Ø29 version of the clock is also available.

The elegant spiral helps accentuate the passage of time round the clock.

Item ID: 43636

Lens: Mineral glass

Movement: RHYTME, Japanese movement

Battery: AA 1,5 Volt Accuracy: +/- 0,5 sec. in 24 hours Dial: Black

Size: Dia 21 cm, Depth 6.3 cm, Case: Aluminium

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