Artemide – Fractals Suspension LED Light Transparent


Brand: Artemide

Designed: 2009 Fractals Suspension LED Light Transparent Origin: Italy Co designed: Carlotta de Bevilacqua , Paolo Dell’Elce The transparent shape steps aside to give room to a light-shade alternation. Its material essence is only released at a later stage, when light intercepts and projects its surface according to the scalar principle of fractals. The pattern of the Euclidean geometry is disrupted, according to an algorithmic construction principle. The image of organized complexity encompasses the idea of freedom to set the light performance through a magnet-based system, which allows the LEDs to rotate and emit direct or indirect light. The ground control is a means for responsible energy use, through which each one may decide which light to have, and state one?s position vs. the existence of others in space. Materials: transparent, overlapped PMMA sheets, perforated according to a ?fractal? pattern. The lower sheet is the surface supporting the Leds, mounted on a spherical mechanism, which allows the user to use the same source in a direct or indirect manner, by simply rotating it. The upper sheet, available uncoloured, green or fum‚, is struck by the Led flow, emitting indirect light and projecting the fractal on the ceiling. The Leds are adjustable and fitted with lenses that allow focused light flow control. PMMA, aluminium, iron Colour: Transparent LED 40W Size: L 118 cm, W 105 cm, Max Drop 200 cm.

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