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Mirror Castle Origin: Denmark A mirror has always been the tool of the narcissist but in the hands of a child or adults, it can be a way to explore identity through play. In the form of the Mirror Castle the mirror becomes a toy that helps imagination grow. Depending on the king or queen of the Mirror Castle ? it can create illusions or even offer new dimensions to simple things such as a candle, drawing or rays of light. You quickly recognize the shape of the Mirror Castle, but it can easily change your perspective. It always reflects your ability to use your imagination. It?s a Castle. It?s mirrored. It?s a toy. The Mirror Castle (the travel model) created by Jeppe Hein is all about identity and imagination. With four rooms inside the Mirror Castle that have a triple mirror effect as the two sides reflect one another – creating a feeling of infinite space. The idea of the Mirror Castle is simple. It is a scene for staging play with your own characters or figures of choice exploring the effects of reverse reflection using your imagination to utilize the Mirror Castle. The Mirror Castle consists of two types of acrylic in three layers. The two outer layers are made of acrylic mirror and the middle layer is acrylic / PETG – an enhanced acrylic to ensure endurance and strength. The Mirror Castle is CE approved for children?s use. Size: H 15.3 cm, W 20 cm.

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