Authentics Labware Cylinder Table Floor Light Grey


Brand: Authentics
Designer: Benjamin Hubert

Delivery Time 5-10 Business Days

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Authentics Labware Cylinder Table Floor Light Grey

Designed: 2009

Labware focuses on the process of glass blowing and references archetypal glass detailing in combination with a playful look at scale.

Labware table/floor lamps are made from mouth blown grey glass complemented  by hand turned bark topped cork stoppers harvested and sourced from sustainable Portuguese cork oak forests. The lamp is completed with a contrast braided grey flex.

The award winning Labware lamps are available in three shapes.

The limited edition grey version has mouth-blown frosted glass and braided grey flex.

Designed in the UK by Benjamin Hubert for Authentics


  • Material: Mouth blown glass/FSC cork
  • Dimensions: Cylinder Height 418mm, Diameter 260mm
  • Weight: 2.4 KG
  • Technical: 220-230v Frequency 50/60hz
  • Bulb:E27 (U2) Low Energy 13 Watt max (60watt). Colour temp: 6500K (bright white), Lumen: 650 (supplied). 
  • Plain braided (250cm), fitted with round in-line switch.
  • Winner of the 100% Design Blueprint award

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