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Bestlite BL6 Wall Lamp

The timeless BL6 Wall Lamp was designed in 1930 by Robert Dudley Best, a British designer highly influenced by the school of Bauhaus. Being in continuous production ever since its origin, the Bestlite BL6 Wall Lamp stays true to its industrial roots and original design. With its mobile arm and shade, the wall lamp is perfect for the hallway, by the desk, as a bedside lamp or in the kitchen where the light needs to be directed.

The Bestlite lamp design was first adopted by garages and the Royal Air Force engineering departments due to its great functionality. A feature in Architects Journal lauding Bestlite with the title of the first evidence of Bauhaus in Britain brought the lamp to the attention of the design conscious. Public demand for the Bestlite lamps soon followed and, when Winston Churchill personally chose the Bestlite BL1 Table Lamp for his desk, Bestlite’s iconic status was secured.

Materials: Stainless steel or Brass, shade in aluminium, Brass or Bone China

– Socket: E14 base
– Recommended light source: All fluorescens light bulbs
– Recommended wattage: 9 W ≈ (40 WATT incandescent bulbs)
– Max wattage: 13 W
– Recommended light source: Halogen light bulb
– Recommended wattage: 28 W ≈ (40 WATT incandescent bulbs)
– Max wattage: 28 W

Lamp height: 470-800 mm
Tube length: 480 mm
Shade height: 140 mm
Shade and base: Black, White or Off-White Shade diameter: Ø160 mm
Tube and arm: Chrome Cord – total length w/sw: App. 2400 mm
Cord – exposed out of lamp: App. 2000 mm

The DesignerRobert Dudley Best (1892–1984) was a British manufacturer deeply involved with the Modern design movement in and immediately after the interwar years. He took over Best & Lloyd, his father’s light industrial engineering works in Birmingham, having previously trained as a metal designer at art school in Düsseldorf. He went on to design the Bestlite, an iconic Bauhaus-styled desk lamp that remains in production and was used by Winston Churchill in Whitehall.

Best was an early apostle of the posture therapist F.M. Alexander of the Alexander technique, campaigned for better art-school education for industrial apprentices, and was a founder of the Common Wealth Party in 1942. His social circle included a group of Birmingham artists and intellectuals including Prof. Philip Sargant Florence and others associated with Birmingham University. He also befriended Nikolaus Pevsner during Pevsner’s 15 months in Birmingham between 1934-5, and hosted the first visit of Walter Gropius to the Midlands after Gropius’s departure from Germany in 1935.

The Brand: Bauhaus influenced Bestlite (by Gubi) has been in continuous production since 1930. With Winston Churchill numbered amongst its many famous users the company was sure to be onto a good thing! Conceived by Robery Dudley Best to this day the light stays true to its industrial roots and original design

The Bestlite design stays close to its industrial roots and true to its original design. Bestlite is held in permanent collections at both the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum in London. Loved by architects, designers and design aficionados throughout its long history, today, Bestlite has become a contemporary classic.


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