Blomus – Luna Gel Burner Black

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Brand: Blomus

Designed: 2015 Luna Gel Burner Black Origin: Germany 65390 LUNA gel fire pit Whether on a winter or summer evening, the LUNA tabletop gel fire pit is sure to create a unique atmosphere. Harmonious interaction between form and function ensures that LUNA shines in every respect. During the day, its elegant black shape is a treat for the eyes. When the fire is lit in the dark, the shape takes a backseat to the flames, which catch the full attention of everyone in the room. Both blomus and standard gel fuel tins can be used to experience the tabletop fire pit in action. A 500 ml tin allows you to enjoy the bright fire for approximately 3 hours. Including snuffer, for 500ml gel cans Frost-proof Ceramic and Stainless Steel. Size: H 24 cm, Dia 16.2 cm.

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