Calypso Crystal – Dune Crystal Dock

Crystal Dock Origin: Europe Dune: A touch of worlds far, far away. Wind that shapes the terrain, sand that forms the light. The Dune Crystal Dock is precisely hand-cut to create asymmetric waves, and then polished to achieve a crystalline shine. Feel the waves and fly away. Technical: All Crystal Dock products are made from perfect crystal glass. Handcrafted and handmade in Europe. Manually cut and polished. Fitted with specially designed dock connectors. Designed to perfectly fit your iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G (of course each Crystal Dock is also suitable for iPhone 2G and iPod Touch). Carefully inspected and manually packed. Dock Connectors: Inside the Crystal Dock there is specially designed dock connector. Simply slide in the iPhone and connect the dock connector USB cable (not supplied in the box, but this is the cable that you have received with iPhone) and you are ready to go. With your iPhone sitting in the Crystal Dock you can recharge it and synchronize it with your computer.


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