Casamania & Horm Bookcase Open Shelf OPUS INCERTUM


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Casamania & Horm Bookcase Open Shelf OPUS INCERTUM

The Roman wall (Opus incertum) was not measured with a ruler, so that everything looked very ordinary and neat – it was supposed to be robust and resistant. And since the Romans were not the best with brick buildings, an irregular facade was created.

When it comes to producing a modern book shelf, manufacturers look for the right angle and clear edges rather squeamishly. But this is not the only possible way and the Casamania Opus Incertum Shelf proves it.

The single shelves create an irregular structure in which books and other things can be unconventionally stored.

Made out of foamed polyethylene, it fulfils Roman demands on robustness. It can be stacked and placed next to each other, according to your wishes. And as a room divider, or to fulfil the Roman’s theme: “Limes for the room,“ Opus Incertum plays its role to create a modern, stylish home.

100% recyclable materials.

Indoor or outdoor Use.

Height: 100 cm, Depth: 35 cm, Length: 100 cm, 8.7 kg

Casamania design furniture (video).