Casamania & Horm Mirror MAMANONMAMA


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34 cm, 57 cm, 69 cm, 94 cm, 120 cm



Casamania & Horm Mirror MAMANONMAMA

Inspired by daisies, the Mamanonmama (Love Me, Love Me Not) collection is composed of five petals to be placed, together or individually, on a table or on the wall. The frame, made of precious, black-willow solid wood, is perfectly attuned to the philosophy of’s collections.
Mirror with non-machined edge, 4 mm thick, protected by self-adhesive polyethylene safety film. In the event of breakage, dangerous shards of glass do not come loose. Solid wood frame made from black willow. Vegetable oil finish. Template provided for positioning the mirrors on the wall.

Black willow

cm 34x18x6 – 13.3”x 7”x 2.3”
cm 57x22x8 – 22.4”x 8.7”x 3.2”
cm 69x24x8 – 27.2”x 9.5”x 3.2”
cm 94x32x10 – 37”x 12.6”x 3.9”
cm 120x40x12 – 47.3”x 15.8”x 4.7”