Danese Milano Ellice Bookmarker


Designer: Marco Ferreri

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Danese Milano Ellice Bookmarker

Designed: 1990

Origin: Italy

Stainless steel, brass sphere, packed between two magnetic strips. A very thin strip of stainless steel is enhanced by a small brass sphere, giving the object a certain importance. The package consists of two magnetic bands which, along with bookmark itself, contained a folded sheet of paper in which Ferreri described his project: ?A bookmark. I mark the pages of my books with paper: an old bus ticket, a piece of newspaper, or by folding down a corner of the page. But paper crumples up, slides down into the pages, or gets lost. This small strip of stainless steel has a brass sphere which keeps it from getting lost in the pages. I can also use it as a letter opener, or I can hold it in my hand and its gentle movement keeps me company while I read. It is washable.

Size: L 18.5 cm, W 2 cm.

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