Danese Milano – Enzo Mari – Uno La Mela Screenprint


Designer: Enzo Mari

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Danese Milano – Enzo Mari – Uno La Mela Screenprint

Designed: 1963

Uno La Mela Screenprint Origin: Italy Art Edition. Nature Series, predominant red colour. Hung by means of two horizontally-placed strips of PVC. It becomes one of Danese production ?s symbols, this series is one of those few examples that reach the object of creating, for home environment, an artistic idea built on a concept of seriality. It does not exhist an original object, for this kind of work, this is because we obtain the final image after long technical processing on series. Mari looks for shape and technics of representation, a sort of “super icona”. La Mela is not an apple but The Apple.

Screenprinted with 2 colours.

Dropjet paper gr. 200

Size: H 112 cm, W 112 cm.

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