Design House Stockholm Cufflinks

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Design House Stockholm Cufflinks

It’s hard to convince men nowadays to wear gems, but why should it only be for women’s. Cufflinks are for everybody, a unisex fashion item. A little piece of everyday silver jewellery with a colourful inlay of enamel. The cufflinks is an age-old decorative element, a functional fashion icon that caters to everybody. The cufflinks are made of Sterling silver with a special enamel inlay in an unlimited edition. Available in three colours.

Silver and glass has been the trademark of Monica Backstrom artistic career ever since the start, with shards of glass soldered with pewter, perfume phials in wrought silver and layered crystal, a sensual world born out of the worldly organic as well as outer space. After four decades at the internationally renowned glassworks Kosta Boda, contributing to a new golden age of Swedish glass, Monica Backstrom now enjoys the liberty of being a freelancer.

Size: Dia 2.1 cm.

Orgin: Sweden

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