Design House Stockholm Grow Greenhouse


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Design House Stockholm Grow Greenhouse

A greenhouse in three sizes for nature’s smallest flowers, and a nursery for the plant’s first stages of life.

Use the Small Grow for seeds or cuttings. The medium model is for single small plants. And the Large can be used for small groups of plants. Caroline Wetterling’s Grow is made of two glass parts. The bottom part holds the soil and the plant. The top part is a lid equipped with a spout, allowing it to be used as a watering can. It also functions as a valve that lets in air and regulates the moisture and temperature levels inside the greenhouse.

Designed: 2013

Grow is made of hand-made glass.

Small: Ø80, H 140 mm / Medium: Ø120, H 240 mm / Large Ø200, H 320 mm

Caroline Wetterling is a designer based in Stockholm, who works with products, furniture and interiors. With her work, Caroline aims to encourage the users participation and awareness of details in everyday life. She is educated at Konstfack and Beckmans College of Design.