Design House Stockholm Knot Cushion


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Design House Stockholm Knot Cushion

The Icelandic designer Ragnheidur Osp Sigurdardottir has always been interested in unusual designs. The idea for the cushion comes from the design of a teddy bear whose extremely long legs were accidentally tied to a knot. Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir also emphasises that she used to be a girl scout and thus learned how to tie knots.

Knot cushion is made from a knitted tube, several metres in length, which is tied up to create a compact knot which is as comfortable as it is elegant to behold.


50% Wool
50% Acrylic
Filling: Polyester

Height: 30 cm, Depth: 15 cm, Length: 30 cm

The Designer: Ragnheidur Osp Sigurdardottir. By helping her grandfather who was a signmaker in Iceland, Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir was inspired to work
creatively at an early age.

“There was always this strong sense of DIY and making things happen. This way of thinking inspired me to open my mind and see that it is possible to create anything.”

After studies at the Iceland Academy of Arts and Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Ragnheiður opened her own studio in Reykjavik. The Knot cushion was born in 2011, while she was making bear figures made of crocheted tubes.

“I wanted to try tying the tubes into knots and seeing the outcome. I found the idea of a big, soft knot intriguing in a fun kind of pop-arty way. I also like that when you take a first look at the cushion you might not really know what it is, and perhaps that is what draws you closer.”

The Brand: Design House Stockholm have distinguished themselves as a publisher of design rather than a conventional producer, working in the same way with designers that publishing houses work with authors. Rather than selecting a designer to make a specific product, all designers are invited to bring their personal ideas. Some of these ideas are selected for development and production. They look for products that add something new to their genre. Products with personality and character.