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Designed: 2012 Magazine Table Origin: Sweden A product is not complete until it is filled with its content. Marcel Duchamp maintained that, to be meaningful, art needed a beholder. In the same fashion, products need their users. This is equally true of bowls, shelves, beds, buildings. In Axel Bjurstr”m’s Magazine Table these ideas have been collected in a product. ?What is one to do with the glossy magazines that are all over the place? I pile them up on a little table which gains its stability from the weight of the magazines. The table can be wheeled about like a trolley.? Magazine Table has two functions in one piece of furniture: it is a magazine rack and it is a neat side table. Place it by the sofa or use it as a bedside table. There is room for a pile of magazines 45 cm high. The angle of the rack prevents the magazines from falling off. The spines of the piled magazines create a sculpture that is in a constant state of flux. Steel base, lacquered MDF top and rubber wheels. Width 55 cm, height 54 cm, depth 32 cm (H 22″, W 21.5″, D 12.5″). Wipe with damp cloth. Maximum load: 45 kg (99 lbs).

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