Design Letters AJ Crayons 15pcs

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Designer: Arne Jacobsen

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Design Letters AJ Crayons 15pcs

Design Letters AJ Crayons 15pcs

ABC Pencils for Colouring and Drawing

With the 15 AJ crayons from the Arne Jacobsen collection by Design Letters, children playfully learn the alphabet while drawing and colouring. The pencils are delivered in a practical pencil holder box for easy storage.

Not only children but also grown-ups can enjoy using the AJ crayons by Arne Jacobsen. For quick note taking, highlighting a text or just drawing, the Design Letters crayons box is the perfect writing tool for creative minds of all ages.

Design Typography by Arne Jacobsen

The design of the letters that grace the box and pencils stems from the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen who created the typography for the inscriptions of the town hall in Aarhus already in 1937. Nowadays, the striking minimalist numbers, letters and special characters adorn various home accessories, but also add special touches to kitchens and offices.

15 pencils in different colours, incl. pencil box

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