Design Memorabilia – Piero Lissoni – Salt and Pepper Grinders

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Designer: Simon Legald

Salt and Pepper Grinders DM1024 Designed to be equally easy on the eyes and wrist, these salt and pepper grinders are a smaller, more human scale of the traditional industrial-looking handle grinders. Each piece can be filled from the bottom simply by using a coin to unlock, leaving the top portion free of visual interruptions. Made of die cast aluminum, stainless steel and alumina ceramic. Wipe clean with damp cloth. Architect and designer Piero Lissoni approaches his work with a mastery of proportion and an acute sensitivity for the subtlety that distinguishes the common from the insightful, never designing for a sepcific function or purpose, but designing for human beings Materials: Die cast aluminum, Stainless Steel and Alumina Ceramic Size: H 7.9, W 4.5 x D 5 cm

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