Eva Solo FireGlobe Gas Grill


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Designed: 2016 Gas Grill Origin: Denmark The sculptural FireGlobe gas grill features a simple and elegant design. With three individual burners, it provides an even heat distribution, while it is easy to adjust the heat and thus control your cooking and the temperature in the grill. The grill also comes with a unique dome lid, which makes it possible to create a fan oven effect in the grill. The dome lid has a built-in thermometer, and the grill can achieve a maximum temperature of 330-360øC. When not in use, the lid hangs neatly on the side of the grill. The design of the grill acts as a windshield, which is a practical feature in windy conditions. The three legs ensure stability, and the integrated hand hole makes it easy to move the cold grill once the food is ready. The hand hole also provides ventilation when grilling, and it is also possible to hang the lid from the hole. The legs can be removed when the grill is not in use, so that it takes up less space when stored away. Yet another smart detail. Covers for both the grill and gas bottle are available as optional extras to protect them from the wind and weather. Materials: Aluminium, Enamelled steel Size: › 58 cm UK 30 mb