Eva Solo Gin Glass


Brand: Eva Solo
Designer: 3PART

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Eva Solo Gin Glass

Eva Solo Gin Glass

Gin is full of nuances, and the Eva Solo gin glass not only enhances the aromas, but also all the flavours from the different botanicals that make drinking gin such a unique experience.

It’s a memorable sensory experience when gin is served in this unique, mouth-blown gin glass with its iconic angled rim. The glass has been designed in collaboration with gin experts, and is ideally shaped to capture the gin’s aroma and taste, making it particularly suitable for gin-based drinks or for gin tasting.

The glass will always enhance the serving, and is a delight to drink from with its thin and elegant rim.

  • Unique mouth-blown glass
  • Suitable for all gin-based drinks
  • Designed in collaboration with gin experts
  • Materials: Mouthblown glass
  • Size: Volume: 60 L, Height: 19.5 cm, Diameter: 11 cm

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