Eva Solo Glass Bird Feeders


Brand: Eva Solo
Designer: Tools

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Eva Solo Glass Bird Feeders

Wouldn’t you like to help small birds survive the winter when food is scarce? With the decorative glass bird feeders, you can easily – and decoratively – help our feathered friends through the winter. And enjoy their pleasant company as well as a beautiful and decorative design. 

The glass bird feeders will enhance any outdoor space with their style and functionality, adding a decorative touch to your garden or balcony throughout the autumn and winter months.  The bird feeders are made of clear glass, and can be suspended from a branch or a hook using a discreet nylon line. Refilling the glass bird feeders is straightforward, and a drainage hole at the bottom ensures that the food remains dry

  • Decorative glass bird feeders for observing the birds
  • Can be suspended in many places
  • Drainage hole to keep the bird food dry
  • Materials: Borosilicate glass, Nylon string
  • Design by: Tools
  • Size: Diameter: 10 cm, Length: 100 cm

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