Eva Solo Kitchen Tool Set


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Eva Solo Kitchen Tool Set

Eva Solo Kitchen Tool Set – although it’s not just about outward appearances. A combination of aesthetics, functionality and choice of materials make Eva Solo products stand-out on the table and prove a joy to use and own.

The kitchen helper set by Eva Solo is a timeless and minimalist set of helpers for the kitchen. It consists of a stand made of stainless steel which holds a serving spoon, a spatula, a serving ladle and a plastic skimmer.

Space-saving and Heat-resistant

The kitchen tools are hooked on the stand’s small hooks. The stand has a rubberised bottom that both ensures a firm footing and leaves no scratches on the surface. In addition, the rack is a space-saving alternative and the kitchen drawers are not overflowing with ladles and spoons.

All kitchen tools of the set by Eva Solo are made of a durable, heat-resistant plastic, which is suitable for all pots and pans, also with slip-let non-stick coating.

Plastic (with glass fiber), stainless steel & rubber

Tools withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees

Dishwasher safe

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