Eva Solo – Plancha Griddle

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Brand: Eva Solo
Designer: Tools

Designed: 2016 Griddle Origin: Denmark Plancha Griddle has two sides ? a grooved side and a flat side. And there is a reason for that. The griddle allows you to cook food in new ways on your grill. Meat, fish and vegetables can be fried on the grooved side, while the flat reverse is ideal for doing scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, fried eggs and smaller ingredients. The griddle is also perfect for quick browning. Made from cast iron, the griddle quickly reaches high temperatures while at the same time ensuring an even heat distribution. A practical drain hole along one edge ensures that fats and juices do not drip onto the grill, causing flames. Material: Enameled Cast Iron Size: L 47.7 cm, H 1.67 cm, Width 20.4 cm

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