Eva Solo Tea Maker Black Lime 1L

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Eva Solo Tea Maker Black Lime 1L

Designed: 2004

Origin: Denmark

As a beverage, tea is an easy drink to make. Leaf tea or herbs are covered with hot water and allowed to brew until the flavour has infused into the water. However, with some types of tea, the leaves have to be removed from the water once brewing is complete. The Eva Solo tea brewer solves this problem simply and elegantly. The flask comes with its own neoprene cover and is also fitted with Eva Solo’s patented drip free pouring lip. The ingenious tip-up lid opens automatically when pouring. Regardless of your choice of tea, the Eva Solo tea brewer always produces the best results. As tea leaves react differently to hot water, it is important that the correct method of brewing is used for the respective tea type. Basically, tea can be brewed in two different ways. Tea without tannin should be able to circulate freely within the teapot and tea with tannin must only be allowed to remain in the water for the specific infusion time. Eva Solo’s tea maker embraces these two different approaches and has been designed to allow all types of tea to be made in the same flask. If it is necessary to stop the tea from brewing beyond the infusion time, place the leaf tea in the filter and pour in the boiling water. Once the infusion time is up, fully depress the plunger, thereby stopping the brewing. If, on the other hand, you are making tea which does not contain tannin, place the leaf tea directly in the glass flask, pour in the water and finally fit the filter. With this method, the tea leaves are retained by the filter when the tea is poured.

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