Eva Solo Travel Hand Sanitiser Gel Dispenser


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Eva Solo Travel Hand Sanitiser Gel Dispenser

Make a virtue of hand hygiene and do it in style.

With this compact, elegant and fully leak-proof mini-dispenser you can easily carry gel sanitiser in your bag or pocket. The practical lanyard allows you to attach it to your key-ring or bag strap for easy access when out and about. Easy to refill: twist off the threaded cap and refill. Replace the cap.

Fully leak-proof: twist the spout to the side when not in use. This locks the pump mechanism.

Easy to attach to bag or keyring

Small, compact design for carrying on the move

Ensures safe hand hygiene

Easily refillable

Materials: Metal-coated plastic, Nylon string

Size: Volume: 0.017 L, Length: 11.5 cm, Diameter: 2.5 cm