Flyte Lyfe Levitating Planter w Oak Base


Brand: Flyte
Designer: Simon Morris

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Flyte Lyfe Levitating Planter w Oak Base

Flyte Lyfe Levitating Planter w Oak Base – Stockholm-based American designer Simon Morris launched his levitating Flyte Lamp which – literally and figuratively – lifted up the world of lighting design. Now, Morris and the FLYTE team have taken the concept even further, with the Lyfe – an eye-catching zero-growing system that lets you grow plants in mid-air. Like the Flyte lightbulbs, Lyfe’s planters rotate in the air giving all sides of the plant the same amount of sunlight. The 12-sided geodesic Lyfe planter is moulded from silicon and includes a drainage system to protect against overwatering when using it for soil-based plants. The planter also features a custom-shaped Lyfe magnet that pushed up against an electromagnetic base, which causes it to levitate.

Includes: Lyfe Planter, Oak Base, AC Adaptor, Levitation Assistant Tool, User Manual.

Base Dimensions: 153mm x 153mm x 38mm

Base Weight: 1.300g

Pot Dimensions: 80mm x 100mm

Pot Weight: 240g

AC Adapter: Input 100-240V, Output: 15V


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