Fontana Arte Alicanto Floor Light

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Fontana Arte Alicanto Floor Light

Alicanto wins the Wallpaper* Design Award 2022

Its name comes from Chilean mythology, Alicanto, a nocturnal bird that is said to live in the Atacama Desert and has the peculiarity of feeding exclusively on gold and silver. According to the fable, its feeding makes it unable to fly but makes its wings glow with golden reflections. The miners, seeing its light in the dark, would follow it and thus find gold. It was therefore the image of this bird capable of lighting up the night, about to take flight but firmly set on the ground, that suggested the inspiration when it came to finding a name for a new lamp characterized by a slight forward imbalance: its arched shape is all projected to carry the light, almost as if to «extend» it, as far as possible. An elegant and sophisticated fitting, Alicanto is a contemporary lamp, solid and light, with an innovative design that is capable of adapting to cutting edge furnishings without departing from the Fontana Arte philosophy, in balance between art and industry, suspended between clarity and durability. Alicanto is a floor and wall lamp; the latter version is available in two sizes.

The product can also be supplied Casambi / Dali ready.

Floor lamp with dimmable direct and diffused light. Base and stem are made of painted metal. The diffuser is made of hand-blown etched glass. Black power cable, plug and dimmer. Plug-in driver with changeable plugs.

Integrated LED modules.

Glass, painted metal

Size: H 230 cm, L 258 cm