Fontana Arte Fontanella Table Light


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Fontana Arte Fontanella Table Light

Two materials: metal and glass, as in the historic tradition of Fontana Arte. The metal acts as a base and contains the light source while the glass, the true protagonist of the project, is expertly worked by skilled craftsmen in a process of fusion between a portion of transparent glass and a satin one from which the light diffuses. Fontanella is formed by the union of two glasses: the internal tube is threaded, sandblasted and finally joined with the bubble-shaped blown glass. What makes the processing particularly refined is the manual joining of the two parts, which requires the skilful technique of a craftsman. Furthermore, the glass, which has always been the material par excellence of the Fontana Arte product, is the most crystalline on the market. The use of light bulbs, dimmable and not dimmable, for the biggest energy saving, complete the contemporaneity of this Fontana Arte piece.

Table lamp with dimmable diffused light. Galvanized metal frame. Borisilicate blown glass diffuser. Transparent power cable, dimmer and plug.

Light source not included.