Fontana Arte Igloo 3 Down Suspension Light

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Fontana Arte Igloo 3 Down Suspension Light

Designed: 2014

Suspension Light

Origin: Italy

Igloo is a family of suspension lamps in a series of down-light or up- and down-light configurations. The basic element is the unit in self-extinguishing plastic techno polymer.
A systematic approach to designing light underlies the project for a lighting module that can be connected in long lines (up to 100 modules) or else “grow” in different directions by virtue of the particular formal solution and simple geometry. Studio Klass

Suspension lamp with direct light, phase cut dimmer. Module made of painted polymer with diffuser made of opaline silk-screened polymer. Steel suspension cable. Transparent power cable. Painted polycarbonate ceiling rose.

Integrated led.

LED 10W (2700K, CRI 80, 1250Lm)

Materials: Techno polymer plastic

Size: 66 x 17.5 x 14.8 cm. 2.5m cable