Georg Jensen 2019 Christmas Collectibles Gift Set 8pcs


Brand: Georg Jensen
Designer: Georg Jensen


Georg Jensen 2019 Christmas Collectibles Gift Set 8pcs

Georg Jensen’s annual Christmas collectibles are much anticipated by collectors and have become something special to be passed down through the family for years to come. Add to a growing collection or start a new one with this eight-piece set of ornaments, comprising gold-plated bells, hearts, stars and trees transformed into mobiles, charms and baubles. They make a perfect gift and charming addition to anyone’s Christmas tree.

By reworking classic symbols of Christmas by adding Art Deco motifs and abstracting the shapes, Sanne Lund Traberg has created a series of collectibles that stand the test of time and will become a much loved part of many seasons to come.

Crafted in Georg Jensen’s own workshops in Denmark, these decorations are made from brass or zinc alloy with a palladium-plated finish or with 18 karat gold plating. They come with a choice of traditional red or contemporary ice blue ribbons.

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