Georg Jensen Sky Pebble Ice Cube 4pcs


Brand: Georg Jensen
Designer: Aurelien Barbry

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Georg Jensen Sky Pebble Ice Cube 4pcs

Georg Jensen Sky Pebble Ice Cube 4pcs

Like shiny pebbles, these unusual stainless steel reusable ‘ice-cubes’ are sure to be a conversation piece at any dinner or cocktail party. Simply keep in the freezer and then put in a glass to keep a drink cooler for longer. Functionality and beauty, hand in hand, make these perfect examples of contemporary Scandinavian design.

Designer Aurelian Barbry has a strong belief that design should be beautiful but stay true to its purpose. His Sky bar set is a striking example of this, with sculptural asymmetric shapes working both aesthetically and practically.

Made from shiny stainless steel, these ‘ice cubes’ come in a set of four and are safe to use in drinks.

  • Item number: 10014942
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Measurements: H: 440 mm / 17.32 inches. W: 236 mm / 9.29 inches. D: 179 mm / 7.05 inches.

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