Holmegaard Annual Christmas Bell Large 2019


Brand: Holmegaard
Designer: Ann-Sofi Romm

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Holmegaard Annual Christmas Bell Large 2019

Holmegaard Annual Christmas Bell Large 2019 – This Year’s Christmas bell from Holmegaard designed by Ann-Sofi Romme features a fine snowflake. With inspiration from various flowers and paper Christmas decorations, she has surrounded a snowflake with tiny red hearts. The clear glass bell, with gold and red details and a red ribbon included, is easy to hang up. At 10 centimetres, the bell is perfect for decorating a window at Christmas. Ann-Sofi Romme began designing the Christmas bell back in 1993, and ever since, it has been a treasured Christmas tradition at Holmegaard – this year with a very special decoration.

Ann-Sofi Romme has been designing attractive, classic Christmas decorations for Holmegaard for many years now. Ann-Sofi Romme is a graduate in ceramic design from the School of Design in Kolding. Throughout her career, she has worked with jewellery, glass and porcelain. Indoor Christmas cheer and inspiration from the wintry landscape come together each year in Ann-Sofi Romme’s interpretation of Holmegaard’s Christmas, with new glassware designs being added each year for Christmas. Ann-Sofi Romme’s Christmas universe is made from hand-blown glass, and the design appeals to minimalists and traditionalists alike, with references to the natural symbolism of Christmas. The decorative glass ornaments are rounded off with red silk red ribbons for hanging from the Christmas tree or cosy corners in the home, creating an authentic outdoor Christmas ambience indoors!

Colour: clear
Material: mouth blown glass
Height:  10.5 cm

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Dimensions 8 cm





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