Holmegaard Christmas Bottle 2022 Collection


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Holmegaard Christmas Bottle 2022 Collection

It is all about home, and the illustrations on the bottle reflect that joy of anticipation when we cosy up indoors and get together with family and friends from near and far. On the front is a front door flanked by Christmas trees, lanterns on the steps, Christmas lights, snow and a fence.

On the sides, through the windows, you can see the Christmas decorations, Christmas tree and presents. To emphasise the joy of anticipation, there are children peeping through the window. There is also a touch of tradition and joy of anticipation for the grown-ups.

Down the side there is a classic calendar, so day by day in the lead-up to Christmas, you can look forward to enjoying the contents of the bottle and, slowly but surely, approach 24 December.

Size : Height 19.50 cm Width 10 cm Depth 7.50 cm Volume 0.73 l

Material Machine-blown glass, Brass, Cork