Holmegaard Christmas Hot Drinks Glass Mug 2pcs


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240 ml, 260 ml

Holmegaard Christmas Hot Drinks Glass Mug 2pcs

This is very much due to Jette Frölich’s unique talent for transforming the key messages of Christmas – care, generosity and meticulous preparations – into simple motifs rich in Christmas spirit.

She illustrates the easily recognisable emotions that are always inside us, but become particularly amplified during the festive season.

This year, her reflections on the magic of Christmas has resulted in a beautifully illustrated Christmas collection for Holmegaard, in which Jette Frölich invites us to celebrate Christmas together. Frölich’s 2022 interpretation of the atmospheric festive season beautifully illustrates the message of our common Christmas. It is all about home, and the illustrations on the Christmas hot drink glasses reflect that joy of anticipation when we cosy up indoors and get together with family and friends from near and far.