Holmegaard Jar Glass Bowl with Leather Strap


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Holmegaard Jar Glass Bowl with Leather Strap

Maria Berntsen has created the finest storage and serving jars in the Design With Light series with the recognizable core leather handle. The large jar fits anywhere in the home and serves a variety of purposes. From storing small gadgets, to serving welcome snacks and fruit. If the occasion is very special, hank it up as a stylish hostess gift and fill it with a careless bouquet of crispy tulips. You will find the jar like this with a height of 16 cm and two smaller ones of resp. 10 and 12 cm.

Each piece of mouth-blown glass is unique and handmade by the glassblower, who carefully blows the right amount of air through the narrow pipe. Air bubbles in the glass are therefore inevitable and form part of the charm that characterizes mouth-blown glass.