Holmegaard Lumi Candle Holder Black w Glass Smoked


Brand: Holmegaard
Designer: Maria Berntsen


Holmegaard Lumi Candle Holder Black w Glass Smoked

Holmegaard Lumi Candle Holder Black w Glass Smoked – This beautiful LUMI candle holder looks all the more elegant with painted flat or curved glass candle-cuffs The curved and flat design of the glass candle-cuff is a perfect match for light-and-airy Scandinavian style The discreet colour lights up magnificently once the candle is lit, giving an elegant atmosphere together with the black LUMI candle holder You could, for instance, create an elegant table setting with a white tablecloth, LUMI candle holders of different heights can use glass candle-cuffs for an elegant, pleasant look The glass candle-cuffs can be changed easily to suit your mood, the occasion and the season A great gift idea for anyone who admires Scandinavian design

Hand pressed glass

Size 1 arm: H 9 cm, L 10.5 cm, Depth 9 cm

Size 1 arm: H 12.4 cm, L 12 cm, Depth 12.4 cm

Size 4 arm: H 10.5 cm, L 21 cm, Depth 21 cm

Maria Berntsen is an industrial designer who has had her own practice since 1992. She finds her design inspiration in architecture, nature, fashion and current trends. Maria Berntsen has a special love of glass as a material with its visual lightness and its ability to capture and reflect light.

Maria Berntsen’s design philosophy which is basically about creating design that brings joy to many every day.

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