Holmegaard Perfection Carafe 220cl

Not dishwasher-safe

Note that the volume in cl stated for this glass has now changed Previously it was 75 cl but it is now 220 cl


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Holmegaard Perfection Carafe 220cl

Holmegaard Perfection Carafe 220cl – Decanting of wine into a carafe unfolds the full potential of the wine, but also elevates a young everyday wine to a more interesting taste experience Tom Nybroe has created Perfection to focus on the most practical and gentle treatment of the wine When you pour the wine along the narrow neck of the carafe, the wine is flung around by the centrifugal force and is deposited in a millimetre-thin layer on the inside of the carafe for efficient oxidisation A great gift idea – and simply a must for a wine tasting eveningFine glass

Carafe Size: H  27 cm, 220cl

Holmegaard Perfection Video

Advertising executive, graphic designer, wine enthusiast, wine importer and designer. Tom Nybroe has many job descriptions in his portfolio, but common to them all is the perfectionism that characterises his work. Out of this perfectionism came the award-winning Perfection range of wine glasses which he created for Holmegaard in 2006. This meant that Tom Nybroe added yet another title – that of 3D product designer – to his CV and his 30 years of experience as a graphic designer.

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