Holmegaard Shape Glass Vase


Brand: Holmegaard
Designer: Peter Svarrer
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Holmegaard Shape Glass Vase

Holmegaard Shape Glass Vase – Bring nature indoors with Peter Svarrer’s mouth blown Shape vase Its full-bodied shape gives it a stable base, while its narrow neck means that it can easily be used for small bouquets

Mouth blown glass

Holmegaard Mouth Blown Glass Manufacturing – WATCH VIDEO

Peter Svarrer is also called the Master of Light because he creates glass designs based on capturing and reflecting light in the very special way that only glass can achieve. He has worked with glass in his own workshop since 1982.

When Peter Svarrer and Holmegaard started working together in 1997, it became the beginning of a fruitful and productive partnership that is still developing and producing new shapes and colours.

Peter Svarrer has a love of glass as a material and of the organic forms that characterise his designs.

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