Holmegaard Stub Champagne or Dessert Bowl 20cl 4pcs


Brand: Holmegaard
Designer: Grethe Meyer

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Holmegaard Stub Champagne or Dessert Bowl 20cl 4pcs

In the late 1950s, when Grethe Meyer and the craftsman Ibi Trier Mørch designed their Stub range of glasses, in many ways the two architects were writing a chapter of design history. Stub’s low-stemmed, stackable shape gives it a look that is still unique to this day. Meyer & Mørch also succeeded in creating a design that captured the spirit of the age with a drinking glass that personified the contemporary way of life. Today, the urban, laid-back lifestyle is a natural part of our everyday lives, while functionality, storage and downsizing are also top priorities. Enjoy Stub either as a champagne bowl or dessert bowl for those special festive occasions.

Colour: Clear
Material: Mouth-blown glass
Diameter: 9 cm
Height: 7.5 cm
Volume: 20 cl
Please note:

Please note:

Dishwasher-safe, max. 55°C.



Grethe Meyer (1918–2008) was an architect and designer and one of the most acclaimed representatives of Danish industrial design. She was a pioneer, and her aesthetically simple, timeless and functional designs have made a big mark on the history of Danish design. She teamed up with artisan Ibi Trier Mørch, and together the architect duo created the multifunctional, urban Stub glass, which made design history in a number of ways. Stub’s low-stemmed, stackable form gives it a unique style even today; at the same time, Meyer & Mørch managed to put the zeitgeist into a design formula for a drinking glass that epitomised contemporary lifestyles. The dining kitchen was increasingly replacing the dining room as the heart of the home; mealtime rituals became more informal; dinnerware went from oven to table, and all of a sudden the same glass could be used for everyday living and special occasions.

As Grethe Meyer put it: “They should be straightforward, easy and pleasant to use and as simple and anonymous as possible. From these characteristics, I think, beauty can arise.” And, in the same spirit, the Stub glass remains contemporary today.

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