ibride Diva Ostrich Wall Console Table


Brand: ibride
Designer: Benoît Convers


ibride Diva Ostrich Wall Console Table

The aerial Diva ostrich seems poised to fly away uncontrollably and defies the laws of gravitation while perched on her two feet that barely touch the floor. Designed to be mounted on a wall, the elegant, decorative and practical console table creates a surprising effect and asserts her eccentric femininity within the interiors she visits.

  • Material : High Pressure Laminate
  • Finish : shiny light pink
  • Dimensions : H.76 x L.71 x W.25 cm
  • Weight : 6 kgs
  • Made in France
  • Water and heat resistant top
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Collection Description: “Sculptural tribe, the Mobilier de Compagnie domesticates animal shapes as much evidence into interior or exterior landscapes of the contemporary home.” See the birth of the ibride Diva Ostrich Wall Console Table and the “Mobilier de Compagnie” collection here

The Designer: Instilling a sense of history and emotion into each new creation is what characterises the approach of Benoît Convers. Indeed, with each new design he proves that the utility of an object can be animated with an emotional dimension, with memory and with meaning. He achieves this by breathing a hidden life into his creations and by conferring on them a secret dimension. In 2003, whilst working on the Nomadic stool, he was inspired by his dog and set out to give the stool the same physical and loyal sensibility. This morphology became the starting point of what was to become the emblematic “Mobilier de Compagnie” collection. As the designer of more than one hundred and twenty pieces for the ibride label, Benoît has developed an ecology of conception, where each product is enhanced both by simple assembly procedures and by production on a local scale. His greatest ambition is to design objects whose presence becomes essential to our lives and in doing so become items to be passed on from one generation to the next.

The Brand: Since 1996, ibride invents, experiments, design in its territory of origin, between rivers and forests, one of the seven Bisontine hills. It is here, on the playground of their childhood, that its three founders, Carine Jannin – Editor -, Rachel and Benoît Convers – Artistic Directors and Designers – have chosen to establish their story factory. Inventive and inspired, the trio soon gives birth to illustrious families of objects now famous in more than 50 countries, collections that regularly enrich newcomers, coming to preach the fabulous in the everyday worldThe story of an exceptional and conquering family, ibride continues to draw its creative strength from the infinite resources of its land of origin

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