ibride Maturin Donkey Desk Mat Grey with LED Light

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ibride Maturin Donkey Desk Mat Grey with LED Light

The newest member of the Domestic Furniture series,Maturin the donkey, offers a well thought out, illuminated and connected work space.From respect for this animal, who has always assisted mankind with daily tasks, rises a contemporary adaptation of the desk area, equipped with the necessary modern connections.In the style of antique cylinder secretary desks, a finely crafted mobile screen can be used to conceal the functional space. While shut, it uncovers a display of light rays piercing through the patterns of this backlit lining. Stubborn and secretive, Maturin also conceals sliding storage space and secret drawer.

  • Colour : Grey
  • Material : Solid stratified layers
  • Dimensions : L 200 x D 60 x H 156 cm
  • Weight : 66 lb
  • Characteristics : Bulb LED include with touch-sensitive dimmer – USB port and power outlet – Inside: 3 shelves – 3 file racks – 2 drawers – 2 niches – Closed by a screen – Outside : sliding doors and secret drawers – Made in France