Iittala Lantern Tealight Holder 19cm


Brand: Iittala
Designer: Harri Koskinen

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Iittala Lantern Tealight Holder 19cm

Iittala Lantern Tealight Holder 19cm

Designed: 1999

Origin: Finland

This light sculpture convinces with its clear and fine lines and the high fabrication quality.

The glass is mouthblown and the reflections inside the tea light create a fascinating and warm atmosphere. Because of that it seems like the light would float.

The designer Harri Koskinen himself calls the Lantern Tea Light Holder only as a light, which sits on a apron. With the design he looks for innovative possibilities, which thrilled the buyer and also the manufacturer.

His designs have already a huge international interest.

Size: H 19 cm.

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