Iittala – Oiva Toikka – Little Tern Cranberry Red

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Brand: Iittala
Designer: Oiva Toikka

Designed: 2005 – 2014 colour change Little Tern Cranberry Red Origin: Finland For over 40 years, Oiva Toikka has created the Birds collection. These delightful glass birds are individually mouth-blown glass creations. Like the natural birds they represent, it?s the tiny differences that give each and every glass bird its very own personality. There are currently over 400 birds in the collection. Little tern was launched originally in 2005. The red glass coluor has changed in 2014 to cranberry red. Each bird is individually mouth blown and thus unique, a gift that keeps on giving forever. Size: H 7.5 cm, L 11 cm.

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