Iittala Scandia Cutlery 24pcs Kaj Franck


Brand: Iittala
Designer: Kaj Franck

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Iittala Scandia Cutlery 24pcs Kaj Franck

Iittala Scandia Cutlery 24pcs Kaj Franck – Scandia’s simple yet distinctive design suits modern and traditional tables. Grooves in the handle provide easier use and ensure preservation.

The 24-pcs cutlery set includes 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives, 6 dinner spoons and 6 coffee spoons.

The simple yet distinctive design of the Scandia cutlery range has been a household staple since 1952, when Kaj Franck designed the series with everyday needs in mind. Nowadays, Scandia is a classic that is suited to modern and traditional table settings. This timeless everyday cutlery collection combines perfectly with streamlined tabletop series like Teema and Kartio. The design derives from basic geometrical forms, making the items simple and iconic. After stopping production in 1998, Scandia was relaunched as a part of Iittala’s Kaj Franck collection with larger sizes.

Quality stainless steel.


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Kaj Franck (1911-1989) is known as the “conscience of Finnish design.” Franck grew up in a world with elaborate dining services to sparse stone dishes. During his significant career, Franck asserted himself between the two extremes and profoundly changed our understanding of tableware. He utilized serial production to produce versatile, practical dishware at a reasonable price. Besides social consciousness, Franck’s distinct career was guided by the desire to seek the essential. He studied basic forms endlessly with special focus on proportions.

Franck was a professor at the Helsinki School of Art and Design. His work earned him international acclaim and numerous awards including Finland’s most prestigious design award, which is his namesake. Generations of Iittala consumers have purchased Franck’s successful Teema and Kartio series, making these standard household items a part of the classic design legacy of Kaj Franck.

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