Iittala Whooper White Swan Glass Bird BIRDS Oiva Toikka

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Iittala Whooper White Swan Glass Bird BIRDS Oiva Toikka

For over 40 years, Oiva Toikka has created the Birds collection. His limitless imagination and knowledge of glass has made it possible to create small miracles of life, sought after by collectors globally. Each bird is individually mouth blown and thus unique, a gift that keeps on giving forever.

Size: 33 x 21 cm.

Design pioneer Oiva Toikka’s iconic collection of glass birds combine his passion for nature and blown glass art. Created in close collaboration with the glassblowers, Birds by Toikka took flight in 1972 at the Nuutajärvi glass factory. In 2014 the production of the series was transferred to the Iittala Glass Factory, where Toikka continued his close partnership with the team. Each bird is unique down to the minute detail making it a truly one of a kind art object. Handcrafted and mouthblown, the collection embodies a rich fusion of glassmaking traditions. Birds by Toikka Whooper Swan is the national bird of Toikka’s native Finland. Her graceful, long-necked design honors Karelia, where the artist was born. The contrast of the snowy white glass body and dark beak enhance the elegant beauty of the bird.